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Soprano Sax - Evidence Hard Rubber Marble 7

Material: Mouthpiece made on black Ebonite, one of the finest materials for the Rubber Mouthpiece manufacturing, called Hard Rubber or just Ebonite. Comes without ligature.

Finish: Polished

Color: Black

Sound characteristics: Soprano sax Evidence has a balanced sound, with full sound on the low register, what makes it to has an equilibrium between a pop mouthpiece mixed with the darker sound of the vintage mouthpieces for jazz, has a little bright with no stridency. It has a round chamber and has a light step baffle.

Oppening: 7 – 1,70mm

Mouthpiece developed with high technology in drawing softwares and machined with the most modern CNC machines getting an incredible precision. Its final finish of polish is handmade going through a strict quality control.

Application: Jazz, Bossa Nova, Gospel, Chorinho (brazilian rithym), Darker Pop Sound, etc.

Level: Intermediate – Professional

Package Measures: 15 X 4 X 4,5 cm

Total Weight with Package: 28 Grams


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